WAVE.NOIR is a collective of unconventional musicians from the dark alternative sphere. We have come together to support and promote each others work. The collective consists mostly (but not only) of lesser known projects, and we hope by joining our voices, our music will be more easily heard in the jungle that the Internet is. To find out more about the musicians involved, please check out the artists section. You might not have heard of them but you will certainly find one or the other gem there.

Another focus of WAVE.NOIR are our projects. On these pages you will always find some extraordinary works-in-progress, as well as upcoming ideas (tribute albums, experimentations, reimagination, you name it!) for which any band that is interested can apply. Why not head there rightaway and see if there's something for you to parttake of? Maybe even an opportunity you have always wished for, without even knowing it? ;-)

We hope you like our idea, enjoy a cup of damn good coffee, or a glass of red, while browsing these pages. If you've read this far, you love music the same way we do. Welcome home!

Our daily source for great new music: